VA - Tuff City Records 33 1/3 Anniversary Limited Boxset [5LP]
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Tuff City Records 33 1/3 Anniversary Limited Boxset

5LP / Nowy

A1. Verticle Lines - Beach Boy
A2. Micronawts - Let's Smurph Across The Surf
A3. Cold Crush Brothers - Punk Rock Rap
B1. Spoonie Gee - The Big Beat
B2. Output - Move For Me
B3. Davy DMX - One For The Treble
C1. Fearless Four - Dedication
C2. Spoonie Gee - Street Girl (12" version)
D1. Davy DMX - The DMX Will Rock You
D2. Davy DMX - Bonus Beat (extended Alt take)
D3. Papa Austin - Wrong Girls To Play With (with The Great Peso)
E1. Spoonie Gee - Get Off My Tip
E2. Spoonie Gee - Spoon-Spoon-Spoonie Gee
E3. Puffy Dee - Joe Blow
F1. Cold Crush Brothers - Heartbreakers
F2. Jerome "Secret Weapon" Prister & Output - Say You'll Be
F3. Eddie Ski White - Baby Be Mine
G1. Cold Crush Brothers - Fresh Wild Fly & Bold b(radio edit)
G2. Funkmaster Wizard Wiz - Knucklehead Rappers
G3. Phantom Rock & MC Bebop - The Story Of MC Bebop
H1. Beatbox Master Quick - Beatbox Master Quick (feat Funkmaster Wizard Wiz)
H2. The Mighty Mike C - I'm Stupid Fresh
H3. MC New York & The Smokin' Commission - Good Morning Mr Phelps
H4. MC New York & The Smokin' Commission - I Am New York
I1. Grandmaster Caz - Yvette
I2. Grandmaster Caz - Mr. Bill
I3. Funkmaster Wizard Wiz - Put That Head Out
J1. Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters - It's The Hip Hop
J2. Funkmaster Wizard Wiz - Crack It Up
J3. Funkmaster Wizard Wiz - Can't You Take A Hint (I'm A Bellevue Patient)
K1. Barry Boulevard - Barry's Routine
Opis produktu

Tuff City Records announces the release of its first ever retrospective 33 1/3 Anniversary Box Set. Tuff City records was founded in 1982 by former trade journalist and music critic, Aaron Fuchs, and while it survives today as a label that reissues a broad range of 20th century American music, its first years were entirely devoted to recording the newborn hip-hop genre. The credits contained in this collection, which covers the years 1982-86, reads like an all-star cast of hip-hop’s old school. 

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