Fabio - 30 Years Of Rage (Part One) [2LP]
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Fabio / Grooverider

30 Years Of Rage (Part One)

2LP / Nowy

A1. Leftfield - Not Forgotten (Dub Mix)
A2. One Tribe feat Gem Is This All
B1. Lennie De Ice We Are Ie
B2. Zero B Lock Up
C1. Wots My Code Dubplate
C2. Four Play Being With You
D1. Noise Factory The Future
D2. Fallout The Morning After
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Fabio & Grooverider have been at the forefront of UK dance music for over 3 decades. This is the roots of their story told through music. The 2 London DJ's are part of the DNA of the global Jungle / D&B movement and they have remained relevant, cutting edge, authoritative and essential to this truly underground art-form since it's inception.

RAGE could arguably be the ground zero of Jungle. The party was started at London's cavernous Heaven club by Fabio & Grooverider in 1988, at the height of Acid House fever that was making it's way up and down the motorways, slip-roads, fields and warehouses of the M25 and further beyond every weekend, troubling the nation, the police, your parents and the press as it went. RAGE was a different beast, it certainly channelled some of that Acid energy but pitted it against the new and exciting sounds emanating from Belgium, Amsterdam, Detroit, Sheffield, Essex and Hackney and in turn created a new style, a new sonic attitude and energy in the process.

Rumbling bass-lines, narcotic synth rushes and roughly chopped and sped-up breakbeats all merged into a style that we now know as Jungle. Nothing like this had been heard before, this was a brand new style and it was coming out of London's West End and Fabio & Grooverider were the people firmly behind it.

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