Jungle - pres. Back To Mine [2CD]


pres. Back To Mine

2CD / Nowy

CD1_01. Barbara Moore - "Steam Heart"
CD1_02. Inflo - "No Fear"
CD1_03. Merle - "Fannie Likes 2 Dance"
CD1_04. Manuel Darquart - "Birds Of Paradiso"
CD1_05. Drumtalk - "Red Haze"
CD1_06. Admin - "Space Cadet"
CD1_07. Mocky - "How It Goes"
CD1_08. The Marias - "Carino"
CD1_09. Sly5thAve - "Super Rich Kids"
CD1_10. Kamaal Williams - "High Roller"
CD1_11. Sam Evian - "Next To You"
CD1_12. BadBadNotGood - "Lavender" (feat Kaytranada)
CD1_13. Jungle - "Come Back A Different Day"
CD1_14. Mansur Brown - "Shiroi"
CD1_15. The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn NY - "Live On"
CD1_16. Sault - "Masterpiece"
CD1_17. Paul Cherry - "Like Yesterday"
CD1_18. HNNY - "Sunday"
CD2_01. Barbara Moore - "Steam Heart"
CD2_02. Inflo - "No Fear"
CD2_03. Merle - "Fannie Likes 2 Dance"
CD2_04. Manuel Darquart - "Birds Of Paradiso"
CD2_05. Admin - "Space Cadet"
CD2_06. Mocky - "How It Goes"
CD2_07. The Marias - "Carino"
CD2_08. Sly5thAve - "Super Rich Kids"
CD2_09. Kamaal Williams - "High Roller"
CD2_10. Sam Evian - "Next To You"
CD2_11. BadBadNotGood - "Lavender" (feat Kaytranda)
CD2_12. Jungle - "Come Back A Different Day"
CD2_13. Mansur Brown - "Shiroi"
CD2_14. The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn NY - "Live On"
CD2_15. Sault - "Masterpiece"
CD2_16. Paul Cherry - "Like Yesterday"
CD2_17. HNNY - "Sunday"
Opis produktu

CD1 mixed & CD2 unmixed

The iconic album series Back to Mine returns once again in 2019 with the first DJ mix compilation from world dominating indie-dance band Jungle, showcasing their personal tastes for the after-hours. The series was renowned for its eclectic selection and selectors which includes some of the biggest names in electronic and pop music, from the likes of Faithless to Pet Shop Boys, Groove Armada to New Order.
Building on Back to Mine’s heritage for quality this edition comes with limited edition heavyweight vinyl and extra thick cardboard sleeves with full coloured bespoke artwork, commissioned from illustrator Rich Fairhead, depicting the artist’s influences alongside personal sleeve notes from Jungle.
The collection includes an exclusive track from Jungle themselves and takes the listener on an eclectic musical journey. From 90s disco by Merle to more recent house tracks by Manuel Darquart and Drumtalk. Bristol DJ Admin provides the percussion heavy ‘Space Cadet’ and the irrepressible Mocky supplies good vibes on ‘How It Goes’. There’s sophisticated pop from The Marias and Sam Evian and there’s some spotlight for modern jazz with tracks by Kamaal Williams, Mansur Brown and BadBadNotGood featuring Kaytranada. There’s also room for some gospel influenced soul by The Flying Stars of Brooklyn NY, lo-fi dream pop from Paul Cherry before ending with the always impressive HNNY.

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