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Bobby Sparks II - Schizophrenia - The Yang Project (180g) [2LP]
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Bobby Sparks II

Schizophrenia - The Yang Project (180g)

2LP / Nowy


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A1. Birth Of The Sparkchild (feat O Watson & S Novsky)
A2. Schizophrenia (feat H Feraud & J JT Thomas)
A3. We Play What We Want (feat The Insane vocal Society, No Dfinition+Brother)
A4. Bobby Sparks Sr's Famous Chili (feat M Miller, K Anderson & M Letteri)
A5. The Comanche Are Coming (feat R Sput Searight & monoNeon)
B1. Girls From Tahiti (interlude)
B2. So Fine (feat J Rob, I Sharkey & E Gales)
B3. I Miss U (feat F McComb)
B4. Black Man Running From The Police (feat S Novsky, M Mitchell & T Parsnow)
B5. Stono River (feat L Peterson & M Simmons)
C1. Lio Is Weird As Hell (feat M Letteri & monoNeon)
C2. All Mine (feat Mental Chaos & Damascus)
C3. Lets Take A Journey (feat S Novsky & G Maret)
C4. Too Late Now, Boss Man! (feat C Sweet Thang Sparks & BR Sparks S - interlude)
C5. Islam (Hadjdj From India) (feat S Novsky & DJ Ernie)
D1. Take It! (feat R Hargrove & Rev HL Stegar)
D2. Zelin (feat DG Bonaventure & Y Edorh)
D3. Black Change (feat J Rob, VERB & S Carrol)
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Leaping twenty feet forward, this extraordinarily diverse collection of tunes captures the full range of keyboardist Bobby Sparks’ expansive vocabulary and inexhaustible spirit. From slamming funk to slow-grooving soul ballads to forays into straight ahead jazz, fusion, orchestral and world music, his aptly-titled "Schizophrenia - The Yang Project" covers a myriad of bases. On board the Battlespark Galactica for the exhilarating ride is a host of his Dallas homies as well as a parade of all-stars, including bassists Marcus Miller, Pino Palladino, MonoNeon and Hadrien Feraud, trumpeter Roy Hargrove, singers Frank McComb and James “J. Rob” Robinson, Snarky Puppy’s Michael League and Jason “JT” Thomas, guitarists Lucky Peterson and Eric Gales and drummers Mark Simmons, Brannen Temple and John “Li’l John” Roberts. The influences of Bernie Worrell and P-Funk, George Duke, Stevie Wonder, D’Angelo, Dizzy Gillespie and other key figures in Sparks’ long musical journey come to bear on this ambitious project, his first as a leader. An inspiring set of music that has finally come to fruition after a successful 20 years of supporting and influencing music of many genre, "Schizophrenia - The Yang Project" is Bobby Sparks II’s crowning achievement in an outstanding career.

Roy Hargorve, Marcus Miller, John Roberts, Michael League, Foley Lucky Peterson, Frank McComb, Orlando Watson, Simon Novsky, Hadrien Feraud, Jason “JT” Thomas, The Insane Vocal Society, No D’finition + Brother Polite, Dontae Winslow, Keith Anderson, Mark Letteri, Robert "Sput" Searight, MonoNeon, J. Rob, Isaiah Sharkey, Eric Gales, Frank McComb, Mark Simmons, Mental Chaos & Damascus, Grégoire Maret

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