Jedi Mind Tricks - The Bridge And The Abyss [CD]
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Jedi Mind Tricks

The Bridge And The Abyss

CD / Nowy

01. Al Bid-aya (feat Yes Alexander)
02. San La Muerte
03. Rashindun Caliphate
04. Freshco & Miz
05. When The Body Goes Cold
06. What She Left Behind
07. Death Toll Rising
08. Shed The Skin To Receive The World (feat Yes Alexander - interlude)
09. Certified Dope (feat Eamon)
10. Hell's Henchman
11. God Foresaken
12. Legacy Of The Prophet (feat Sean Price)
13. Void Ritual (feat Yes Alexander - interlude)
14. You Have One Devil But Five Angels
15. Marciano's Reign (feat Scott Stallone)
16. Torture Chamber (feat Czarface)
17. The Letter Concerning The Intellect
18. Making A Killing (feat Thea Alana)
19. What Falls Is Fallen (feat Yes Alexander - interlude)
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For more than twenty-two years, the name Jedi Mind Tricks has become synonymous with raw, gritty, independent hip-hop. On June 22nd, the duo drops their ninth studio album, The Bridge and The Abyss, featuring the singles/videos for “San La Muerte” and “Marciano’s Reign.” Speaking on the new album, Vinnie Paz, says, “Each time out we face a challenge of not wanting to make the same record, but at the same time doing what we do, which is make hardbody rap. I try to balance my ignorant raps with songs that are a little more conceptual and personal. I think we found a nice balance on this album.” 

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